•  Compares very will to the $200 version

    "I ordered both this jump rope and the roughly $200 version at the same time. This one arrived first. I have used both and find that this very cost-effective version compares very well to the more costly version."

    -Mike Roach-

  • Amazing quality and an effective full body workout!

    "This jump rope rocks, hands down! As a personal trainer, I'm always looking for equipment to train with my clients. This skipping rope is a great cardio workout. I absolutely love that it is adjustable to your height. It comes with a case, so it is great for packing and travel. I've use the skipping rope on different surfaces and the quality remains the same, as the first day I used it. I like that it is weighted, but light enough so that my wrists don't hurt while skipping. The weight of the skipping rope adds a level of resistance training to the cardio workout = full body workout. Thank you for making an awesome piece of fitness equipment that I can use at home for myself and with my clients!"

    -One Athletica-

  • Perfect addition to our home gym!

    P"My husband and I purchased this product as we wanted to expand our home gym and add some cardio equipment. This weighted jump rope was a great addition! Due to the flexibility of being able to adjust the length of the rope, it makes it easy for my husband and I to use. We like that it comes with a drawstring bag for easy storage. We’ve been taking the jump rope with us when we go to parks or on long walks to add a little bit more cardio into our daily routines."


  •  Great workout tool

    "This is a quality item for a great value. I love it as a workout tool. I am over 50 years old and trying to work my way into great shape and this has been an awesome way gain mobility and muscle tone in my shoulder as well an a cardio."

    -Angela Evans-

  • Excellent Product!

    "I own a few ropes that I've paid more than double the price for and this one is by far better quality. Nice, aluminum handles with grip and ability to adjust for your height make this a winner in my book. Exactly as advertised."


  • Great for beginners

     "I haven't jumped rope since I was a little girl. I'm now learning to do it correctly for Crossfit. This weighted rope really helps "knowing" where the rope is as I'm working it. Measuring and being able to cut to adjust to my height is very easy to do."

    -chris dyer-

  • Great buy & even better workout!

    "If you’ve never jumped rope, this is a fantastic staring point. The rope provides outstanding feedback, and continually make you focus on technique."

    -Anthony R Mounts-

  • Jump rope great for beginners

    "Great for beginners. The rope is easily adjustable. It comes with instructions and it was delivered on time! -update! I love this product. I put up a sweat while jumproping considering I am very inactive at the moment. The sellers made sure I received my product. I would definitely purchase again in the future."


  • Amazing Customer Service!!

    "This is truly a high quality product that is affordable and perfect for beginning jump ropers. The carry bag is a statement piece when I go to the gym, and I am a very proud owner of this. If I could be sponsored by them for my high schools, I absolutely would! I believe in this product that much."


  • Well Made and a deal at this price

    "I had been looking for a weighted skipping rope and liked the look of the Gunguard USA , Its weight is even
    throughout, and the handles are non-slip rubber for sweaty hands, a nice bonus is the tip unscrews to shorten
    the length of the rope . Also has additional tabs holding its length. Awesome purchase ."


  • Excellent jump rope at affordable price

    "Awesome product. The grips make it easy to hold and I love how the rope length can be adjusted. Great customer service on following up after I received the jump rope."

    -peter nguyen-

  • Great Rope

    "I had been searching for a bit for a weighted rope. I wanted the weight on the rope and not the handles. When I got it I thought is was light, but once you actually use it, you realize that it is not easy. It is great. I change between a light weight/regular rope and then to this one. I can do 100 in a row and then I have to stop. You will get a GREAT workout with this rope."

    -Amazon Customer-

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