Who is GunGuard USA?

GunGuard USA is a veteran and minority owned and operated company that was born

  • The Veteran: Mary Cano

    Mary was born and raised in Arkansas: a pure bred country girl. She is a child of God, wife of the best man in the world, and mom of four amazing children. She is currently serving and recently promoted to SGT in the US Army Reserves. In her free time she enjoys riding her motorcycle through The Ozarks with her hubby, going to the local shooting range, and playing with her kids. Before enlisting in the Army, she was on the high school basketball and track teams, and lived in Section 8 Housing as a child. With a family history of obesity, she always struggled with losing and keeping weight off especially after having kids and turning 30. Mary actively uses her own products to lose weight and tone muscle. Join her in her journey.

  • The Mexican: Lugardo Cano

    Lugardo's friends and family call him Lu, but he calls himself a domesticated Mexican. He is an amazing dad and husband to a good woman. He was born and raised in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. He knows what it's like living in a socialist country and is incredibly thankful to have gotten his US citizenship in December of 2018 under the Trump administration. Lu came to the US with nothing, sometimes working two jobs just to make ends meet and support his family. When he's not working with his wife at GunGuard USA, he works as a bus mechanic for the local school district, and meticulously keeps the family rides ready for anything. He is a firearm enthusiast, loves to ride his motorcycle with his wife, and have a beer with the guys. (But not at the same time.) Lu enjoys using GunGuard products to help tone and boost his cardio routine.

  • The Kids: Sonya, Andru, Nena, and Athena

    Lu and Mary think it is important to include the kids in everything GunGuard USA, it is a family business afterall. They do a great job helping with everything from product testing to sticking on labels and brainstorming great product ideas.They love being involved.

    The Teen:

    That says enough. LOL Sonya is bright and has the biggest heart we've ever seen. She is a cadet in JROTC (she plans on enlisting in the Air Force after graduation), loves aneme, and art. She enjoys helping test the products but gets embarassed when we try to post a video.

    The Scientist:

    Andru is pretty sure he knows more about the science behind our products than the manufacturers ;) He comes up with a lot of the improvements we incorperate in our product updates. He is in the Gifted and Talented program at school and he's had his life planned out since he was 3. Get ready Mars, Andru Cano is on his way!

    The Tootie:

    Nena is a sweet heart full of love and compassion. She thouroghly enjoys jumping, she jumps or bounces almost every second of the day. So naturally, she loves our jump ropes and puts them through rigerous testing. She enjoys doing anything outside, puppies and hugs.

    The Feisty One:

    Athena was most definately named appropriately. She can hold her own against the big kids, and she stands her ground no matter what. She's not too crazy about the business yet, but don't touch her baby dolls or take her candy. She loves a good snuggle with Mommy and Daddy. This girl is sweet and sour.